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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How REIT Listings Have Been Made Easier In India

REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust is an organisation that operates or funds properties that offer high income benefits for real estate investors. REITs handle all kinds of properties, be it commercial or residential, and are modeled on the lines of mutual funds.
The latest Union Budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year has been a boon in disguise for the Indian real estate sector. Particularly for REITs. Read on to know why.
No Capital Gain Taxes
In an earlier set up, an investor had to wait for at least three years to claim tax exemptions on long-term capital gains, which acted like a thorn and made REIT an unviable option. But with the removal of these taxes, REITs have become more viable for investors than ever before.
Investor Exit Is Now Easy
Most of the times, the funds available get stuck in projects that are already completed. This makes it hard for the investors to invest in other ventures. But that has been rationalized, making the investor exit much smoother. Now, all they have to do is to pay the Standard Transaction Tax (STT), and be on their way.
Commercial Properties Can Be Listed On REITs
This is another process by which the REIT listings have been streamlined for the better. The new guideline allows commercial properties to enlist in REITs, which gives builders the access to raise cheaper capital. This will also provide the retail investors with an opportunity to keep themselves more active in the real estate market.
NRI Investments Made Simpler
With the Finance Minister vouching for equal treatments for REITs and other such equity share entities, enlisting of REITs worth over 1 lakh crores in the stock exchange has become much simpler. This major move is a game changer as it has the potential to garner more NRI investors into the Indian real estate scene.
REITs Are Not Always Liable For Tax
REITs are enjoying a lot more freedom with the outcome of the Union Budget. Basically, REITs are not held responsible for the taxes if they have offloaded the shares to a different entity. All the rental income generated by the property will reach the REIT, but the unit holders are still responsible for the taxes.
Overall, the central government has taken the best steps forward to improve the stagnating state of the real estate market in India. With these reforms regarding the REITs, end users and the real estate market will benefit.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Infrastructural Excellence Of Koramangala Has Benefited The Users And Investors

You need not be a fiscal expert to appreciate and understand the investment-friendly incentives-those that are accountable for a real-investment deal. There are certain aspects to consider. It takes nothing more than common sense to appreciate the pros and the cons. Connectivity is something to watch out for, and similarly you will give importance to your personal priorities and specifications. Koramangala happens to be the leading transport of Bangalore. Secondly, it has established its acclaim as a premier IT destination. Socially, physically, as well as environmentally; Koramangala has excellent infrastructural parameters.
Demand outwits supply
The locality has made its mark as a haven of real-estate investment. There are places in Bangalore where the demand-supply curve has not struck out a line of balance. But things are different up here in Koramangala as the demand factor has exceeded the level of supply. The prospect has lots to reveal about the proverbial popularity of the region. It happens to be a sought-after destination amongst the corporate managers, technocrats and the top officials. You have plenty of people migrating from the neighboring as well as the far-flung cities of Kolkata and Mumbai. It is the accessibility to civic amenities that draws the line of difference.
Points to gain
The price specifications are on the higher side, and you have a range varying between nine, thousand to thirteen thousand for every square foot. There is one leading factor that accounts for the high price listing. Koramangala boasts of some of the world-renowned software companies, and so the entrepreneurs and the managers are not unwilling to invest a substantial part of their savings. Over the last few years, the capital value has seen a steady rise. Thus, even if you choose to shift your base of operation, you can look forward to a profitable resale value.
The current standing
In fact, the buzzword is on the sale and purchase of resalable properties. Some of the posh areas of Koramangala have also seen a steady upsurge in the construction and transaction of new projects. Thus, you find that the builders and the promoters are all too keen to take the plunge and come up with new initiatives and launches. If you consider the USP of Koramangala, then you will find that the situational standpoint of the locality takes the major lead. You have the inner, as well as the outer end of the Ring Road intersecting the region. There are a number of transportation channels that ease the hassles of connectivity. The Sarjapur Road, as well as the Hosur Road, lies within its easy access.
For getting a just deal
If you are thinking of long-term gains and a substantial income from the rental resources; then Koramangala is one of the most suitable investment options. In order to walk your way to a deal that is free, fair and transparent; what you need is legal help. In that way, you will know the logistics to follow. That’s because every transactional term has certain civic regularities. There are legal aspects to consider, as well. Above all, you should know how to steer clear of frauds and malpractices. With the involvement of legal help, things will fall in pace, and you will have few issues to handle.