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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nagarjuna Greenwoods

NCC (Nagarjuna Construction Company) Green Woods is on the outer ring road. It is towards Sree Utopia apartment side. It is opposite to Durga Coral project.

Nice apartment complex.

Spacious houses.
Lots of greenery.
Nice clubhouse.
Nice swimming pool.
Very clean.

One of my friend has bought a 2BHK in it during launch. He stays there.

He bought it around 2005-2006 @ approx 1800 Rs per square feet. including all the deposits except registration on the super built-up area. At that time, sun city was offered @ approx 1400 Rs per square feet (basic cost).

Nagarjuna Greenwoods Location Map: 

Nagarjuna Greenwoods Master Plan: 

Nagarjuna Greenwoods Floor Plan - 2BHK:  

Nagarjuna Greenwoods Floor Plan - 2BHK + Study:

Nagarjuna Greenwoods Floor Plan - 3BHK:  


Shriram Spurthi

Shriram Spurthi is a project by Shriram Group.

Adjacent to CMR Institute of Technology.
Located next to DSR Spring Beauty and Gopalan Millenium Tower in Brookfield.
Close to Cosmos Mall.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shriram Srishti

Shriram Srishti is an apartment complex near Hebbal by Shriram Properties.

One of my friend had booked a 2BHK apartment in year 2004/2005 time for 23L or so.

Citilights Knightsbridge

Citilights Knightsbridge is in Brookfield, near cosmos mall. DSR Spring Beauty is just opposite to it.

Shriram Spurthi apartment, Gopalan Millenium Habitat and Gopalan Millenium Habitat Splendor are also nearby.

SJR Brooklyn is also closeby. Keerthi flora is also nearby.
One of my friend also stays there.

Purva Fountain Square

Purva Fountain Square is a project by Purvankara Group. Purva FountainSquare is just next to Rohan Vasantha & Purva Riveira near Marathahalli bridge.

Nearly 3000 apartments next to each other.

Purvankra Home Page:

Purva FountainSquare Home Page:

Purva Fountain Square Location Map:

Purva Fountain Square Master Plan:

Purva Fountain Square Elevation:

Purva Fountain Square Night View:

Purva Fountain Square Floor Plan - 2BHK- 1361 square feet:

Purva Fountain Square Floor Plan - Wing B, D, F - 2BHK- 1386 square feet:

Citilights Rustique

Citilights Rustique is a new construction, G+4, in multiple blocks in whitefield by Citilights.

It is just next to Prestige Bougainvilla.

Prestige Palms & Prestige Langleigh are also nearby.

Earlier projects are citilights liberty (on outer ring road), citilights knightsbridge(in brookfields).

Several 2BHK apartments are available for resale at 40L+ Registration.

Citilights Rustique Master Plan:

Citilights Rustique Location Map:

Citilights Rustique Floor Plan:

Akme Ballet

Akme Ballet is a nice apartment complex on outer ring road in Doddanakundi. It is near to Ferns. Alpine Eco is on the opposite side.

Akme is an Anil Nanda Group company.

Premium builder and there is a huge premium for the apartments of this group.

Haven't seen the flat and apartment complex yet.

Akme URL:


Akme Ballet Project URL:

Location Map of Akme Ballet:

Master Plan of Akme Ballet:

Elevation of Akme Ballet:

Akme Ballet Wing 'A' Floor Plan  (Ground Floor) :

Akme Ballet Wing 'A' Floor Plan  (First Floor) :

Akme Ballet Wing 'A' Floor Plan  (2nd Floor to 9th Floor) : 

Akme Ballet Wing 'A' Floor Plan (Pent House - Upper & Lower):

Akme Ballet Wing 'B' Floor Plan  (Ground Floor) :

Akme Ballet Wing 'B' Floor Plan  (First Floor) :

Akme Ballet Wing 'B' Floor Plan  (2nd Floor to 9th Floor) : 

Akme Ballet Wing 'B' Floor Plan (Pent House - Upper & Lower):

Project Information of Akme Ballet:

Located in Bangalore on the Outer Ring Road linking Marathahalli and K.R.Puram, Akme Ballet is a mere 15 minute drive from the city center and can also be accessed via the Airport Road or the Old Madras Road. A masterpiece of architecture and design, Akme Ballet’s ten ground plus eleven storey towers are resplendent with renaissance inspired styling, pillars, facades and piazzas.
Spread over 10.5 acres, Akme Ballet comprises 395 two and three bedroom apartments, three and four bedroom duplex apartments and penthouses set amidst exquisite landscaping and luxury amenities.

Extravagant living, recreationss and landscaped greens are the hallmarks of Akme Ballet. With almost 80% of the area being used for landscaped or recreational space, the open expanses at Akme Ballet never fail to arouse a feeling of being unfettered.
Pampered is the word that most accurately describes life at Akme Ballet. A world class clubhouse with swimming pool, gymnasium, health club and a range of indoor and outdoor games provide the amenities of a luxury resort at your doorstep.
A showcase of technology, all apartments at Akme Ballet benefit from wifi connectivity and seamlessly networked living.

Alpine Eco

Alpine Eco is an apartment by Alpine Housing.

Alpine Eco Total Area: 8 acres approx ( 7 & half acres )
Alpine Eco Total Units: 900+

Alpine Eco - Copy of - Letter of Indemnity - Bond :
Now, you can see indemnity bond online.

Alpine Eco cost Sheet - 2 BHK :

Alpine Eco cost Sheet - 3 BHK :

Why not Alpine Eco?
  • Lifts. You have access to only a single lift...if that goes down... you also go down....the lift is also very small. The connectivity even within the same block for an alternate lift is only @ 6th floor and ground floor or you have to walk on the terrace.... that you cannot do during night... even during day the terrace looks weird with those illegal 1bhk apartments.....Solution: Opt for lower floors and just assume you are living in an independent house.
  • Till the legal case of sister doesn't get resolved....stay away from landowners share. LIC is just saving its own liabilities and not that of buyer. What will you do with this money (without interest) if the landowner returns it back to you after 20 years?

Alpine Eco Legal Case:
First of all I was interested in this project as it is very close to my spouse's office. I tried to get information about this project. There are just too many problems that already exists in it such as lifts not working on most of the days and you have access to only a single lift, water not coming in flush (use bucket), outside painting not done even after 3 years etc. The most important thing that bothered me always was the legal case. So, I got all the documents from Sai Associates. The Alpine Eco Legal case is that of a sister of landlords. She wants an equal ownership that her brothers are not ready to give. Why should you be bothered if there is a case between them? I think, you should be. Whenever you look for a buyer, they will always get a wrong impression that there is a problem as not all the banks are ready to give loan. Majority of them will back out. So, you have to bring down the price of your apartment by at least 25% of the current market price to attract somebody. Alpine eco has hardly appreciated in last 2-3 years... only sai associates has been able to sell apartments by making fool of people with letter of indemnity that really should be of no use to you. When will the case be solved? This case will be solved when sister will be ready to accept minority stake and not equal stake as per law...when will that happen? Only she knows. The court story will never end. If court direct 1 party, they will either go to higher court or they will put other case.... so the story will never end. The story doesn't end... your apartment also doesn't appreciate and ... you can't fix problems such as may have to create sky connectivity @ an extra cost......... compare the lifts of sjr verity with alpine eco.... sjr verity has access to all the lifts in the corridor at 3rd floor, 6th floor. This is something that can't be fixed in alpine eco...The flush problem may be temporary and I think association can fix it....

How to Solve the problem?
Lets say she deserves 5% (max) (68% - alpine, 32%-landowner)  in it... that just means out of roughly 1000 apartments, she should get 50 apartments....Lets say each apartment is worth 40 for bulk.... she needs roughly 2000 Lacs... The problem can be fixed if all the apartment owners agrees to pay her 2 lacs each. Nobody keeps so much cash in hand.... already all the money is gone in buying an apartment.... An apartment association can go and talk to a bank and take loan of this amount.... and start collecting a higher maintenance charge for next 20 years..... This problem can be fixed with ease...... Probably association can go and convince her for 1000 Lacs..... Guys give it a try .... and your apartment complex can be one of the best.... I heard landowners were ready to give some 10-15 apartments to her.... so they can also join you and get rid of the issues once for all....

For the new buyers, don't just look @ the crowd and say we will face whatever others are going to face.
For the current owners, try to fix issues....and leave peacefully.

Alpine Eco Location Map:

Alpine Eco Master Plan:

Alpine Eco Blocks:

A - Aronia
B - Bernese
C - Elbrus
D - Glarus
E - Helicon
F - Julian
G - Jungfrau
H - Zermatt

Mont Blanc
Mont Rosa
Mont Titlis

Alpine Eco Elevation: 

Alpine Eco Amenities:

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 3BHK - Simple - 1864 SQFT - (Type P)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 3BHK - Simple - 1664 SQFT - (Type Q)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 3BHK - Duplex - 1905 SQFT - (Type R)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 3BHK - Duplex - 1975 SQFT - (Type S)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 2BHK - Duplex - 1458 SqFt  - (Type  A)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 2BHK - Simple - 1148 SqFt  - (Type B)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 2BHK - Simple - 1188 SqFt  - (Type C)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 2BHK - Simple - 1055 SqFt  - (Type  D)

Alpine Eco Floor Plan - 2BHK -  Duplex - Type -

Alpine Eco - Review:

Alpine ECO is a nice apartment on paper. But realty is different. One of my friend booked it in year 2004/2005 for 24Lacs or so.

I had a look at it twice (once with friend, once with spouse) in year 2009/2010.

The plan and actual implementation is totally different.

#1 Because plan doesn't show the size of the window. Not at least height and width.
#2 They changed the location of balcony and it is no longer a balcony and the ventilation is really horrible.

Looked at the B/R facing outer ring road and others also. The balcony is very small in size.

Whatever apartments that I saw there were totally screwed by builder. Windows have been put in the bed room as if the bedroom is just a single seat in the plane.

View was nice.... temple, swimming pool, volleyball court.... everything was in place.

But we have to live also.

Not a fault of the guys who booked in it without seeing how it will really shape up. I feel sorry for them.

At the same time, it is a decent affordable apartment complex in this area. You will really like it after checking price in brigade metropolis, rohan vasantha and purva fountain square.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Brigade Metropolis

Brigade Metropolis is a project by Brigade Group in Mahadevpura. It is close to HP STSD campus. It is a 40 acre integrated enclave that includes residential, commercial and retail space.

Brigade Metropolis has some towers that had 4 units of 2BHK (in the middle) and 4 units of 3BHK (corners). They have splited a 3BHK of ~1600 square feet and they are offering 2 units of 1BHK apartment of ~900 square feet on the same floor plan for 30 Lacs. Have checked the floor plans of 3BHK and both 1BHK that are adjacent to each other. The floor plan is same if both the units are combined. They have just added a wall between to create 2 units of 1BHK from 1 unit of 3BHK.

One thing that I failed to understand is the cost of 3BHK is around 70 Lacs+ then how come it becomes cheaper by 10 lacs when they have to do more work to add additional wall in between. Only Brigade knows. They would have found more takers in case they would have reduced the price of 3BHK to 60 Lacs.

2 BHK in Brigade Metropolis which is of 1297 square feet (57 Lacs on 30th May 2010) costs 10 Lacs more than 2BHK of 1365 square feet (47 Lacs on 30th May 2010) in nearby Gopalan Grandeur. The layout plan of Brigade Metropolis is definitely much better than that of Gopalan Grandeur (which is in the shape of a circle with an opening). The floor plan of the bed room is definitely better in Gopalan Grandeur.

Why not Brigade Metropolis?
  • Have checked 2BHK of 1290 square feet. The rooms are really small and only queen size bed can fit in with no room for any other thing. The architect has wasted lot of space in creating a big hall, 3 balconies and 1 utility area alongside kitchen (so big) with hardly any space left for bed rooms.
  • Clubhouse doesn't belong to your society even when you are paying maintenance. You have to pay extra every month and you will be charged heavily as per Builders Standards that will just keep rising. In Brigade Gateway, you will lose the membership automatically after 40 or 50 years. Also, even in the clubhouse if you have to use tennis court, you have to pay extra over your monthly membership.
  • The road is already crowded and it will be really difficult for you to come out and get in once it is 100% occupied with commercial and retail operations on. Maybe, everything required separate entrance.
  • Default flooring is not good. No vitried tiles in phase 1.
  • The moment you come out of it, you see mutton and chicken stall and a slum area and it won't change in a day.
  • For middle class guys dreaming of buying a 2BHK... just explore other options also before finalizing.

Why Brigade Metropolis?
  • The podium concept. They have basement, ground, first floor. The apartments starts from first floor and nearby houses are mostly ground or ground+one. So, you already feel elevated and wind, ventilation is not an issue even if you are on ground floor.
  • Landscaping - Lot of space left between blocks. Smart design. It doesn't give a feeling of congestion.

Brigade Group URL:

Brigade Metropolis Home Page:

Brigade Metropolis Location Plan:

Brigade Metropolis Master Plan:

Brigade Metropolis Elevation:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 2BHK, 1290 Square Feet:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1610 Square Feet, Type 1:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1610 Square Feet, Type 2:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1630 Square Feet:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1800 Square Feet, Type a:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1800 Square Feet, Type b:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1840 Square Feet:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 3BHK, 1960 Square Feet:

Brigade Metropolis Floor Plan of 1BHK, 830 Square Feet:

For Brigade Metropolis which is in Mahadevpura (on the way to Hoodi from KR Puram), you can also refer to a very popular blog.